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by Jayesh

Your community is what builds you.

Builds you to who you are as an individual.

It makes you learn how to love & be lovable.

Your community is also what holds you.

Holds you tight at your toughest of times.

It breaks the silence as sweetly as wind chimes.

Your community is what grills you.

Grills you to make you a stronger human.

It makes you learn of leaving an impression.

Your community is what teaches you.

Lessons of life and to be a kinder guy.

Teaches you to smile at every passerby.

For you never know what behind a smile can be,

For you never know how impactful a smile can be.

Your community is what you should learn from,

How to be kind & how to not be in our cruel form.

Your community is what teaches you about life,

What things you should do & what not to strive.

Your community is what frames your conscience,

It impacts how you end up on societal decisions.

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