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A Golden Thread

By Lindsey Overturf

Preface: This is an ekphrasis poem written in response to Tagore's Gitanjali #59. In case you have not read much of this form of poetry before, an ekphrasis poem is something created to reflect, describe, or interact with another piece of art. Since arriving in Kolkata five weeks ago, seeing how Tagore's thought and writings are threaded into the heartbeat of Kolkata has been a delight. In response to #59 I have woven Tagore's words throughout my poem, they are written in gold and italicized.

I left my heart in a thousand places.

Somewhere between hello and its opposite

Flipping that coin again

And again

In this golden light that dances upon the leaves

Fading now in our golden hour

Roots formed deep

Only to tear from tender soil.

A goodbye is its own burial

Standing silent at a funeral you hold for yourself

As memories pass to shadows.

Yes, I know

This passing breeze leaving its coolness upon my forehead

Whispers of a wind blowing

Woven in a place I have yet to see

Where further rivers flow

Sending these idle clouds sailing across the sky

Someday let’s meet upstream

But here I stand on the shore

The waves that gently wash my feet

A reminder of all that was before

Our crossing of path and channels

Now rolling in different directions

But an ache refracted

By the lighthouse of you

The drops

of moments received

a face turned to the storm

Calling through clouds of days I have yet to meet

Over old paths still left for us to share

threads of gold to hold us

a coming dawn

Home is ahead

Can’t you see it?

This is thy message to my heart

Spoken in a thousand tongues

your voice alongside me adding its new note

to a symphony of faces

pressed in leaves and pages unturned

Unsaid words dried out I carry too

A long road is left back to you

But if every step has led us here

I know this is nothing but thy love

And as the morning light has flooded my eyes to see

Pieces of my heart gathered near

Written O beloved a longing plea

Glinting from caverns far below

Your tears are stalactites

Crystalized pain melting slow

Now meeting the day’s rising height

Side by side with you I may meet thy face

That is bent from above

As thy eyes look down on my eyes

Formed not shattered

A trail we will find

And my heart has touched thy feet

To walk in the rhythm of today with yours.

These pieces I will share

For they led me back to you.

Someday you can carry them too.

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